Our Story

The company's ethos has been steadfast: to deliver exceptional quality services at competitive prices to all clients.

To uphold this commitment, Smart Tec Solutions continuously refines its processes and policies. This involves ongoing staff training and meticulous monitoring of current procedures, ensuring that the team can consistently deliver the best possible service. Since its inception, the company has garnered a stellar reputation, earning the trust and respect of clients, contractors, and sub-contractors alike.

Smart Tec Solutions takes pride in its ability to build and maintain excellent working relationships. These partnerships have been instrumental in the company's success, facilitating smooth collaboration and project execution. As the company continues to thrive, it remains dedicated to fostering new connections and expanding its network within the industry.

7 Million

Highest Project Value to Date


Projects Completed to Date


Cities to Date

Fort Dunlop, Birmingham  


Where Do We Work

Our headquarters is situated in the iconic Fort Dunlop building in Birmingham, with additional offices throughout the UK. Our dedicated team comprises eleven directly employed professionals, including SMSTS site supervisors, plumbers, heating engineers, electricians, and apprentices, complemented by a network of trusted sub-contractors.

With a commitment to meeting client needs, our team operates nationwide, available day or night, even on weekends. Since our inception, we've successfully completed over 10,000+ projects for Marks and Spencer and other leading companies, ranging from £500 to £5 million. Some notable projects include:

…and many more, showcasing our versatility and dedication to excellence in every endeavour.

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