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Smart Tec Solutions and Smart Tec Mech specialise in tailored mechanical and electrical fit-out services for commercial, business, and educational buildings. Their expertise covers a range of systems and facilities, including electrical installations, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, specialised equipment, energy-efficient solutions, and safety and security systems. With a focus on excellence and reliability, they deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to each project's unique requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

Mechanical Installations

Electrical Installations


Mechanical and Electrical Installations; an M&E Enterprise

Smart Tec Group has emerged as a powerhouse in technological engineering, with Smart Tec Solutions and Smart Tec Mech as its foundational subsidiaries. Offering a wide array of services including electrical installations, fire alarms, access & security systems, lighting, PA systems, HVAC systems, public health, and BMS controls, they have set the standard for excellence in the industry. Through a commitment to innovation and expertise, Smart Tec Group has built an empire that continues to flourish and lead in the field of technological engineering.

Evolve MEP
Engineering Limited

Evolve MEP Engineering Limited provides technical design consultancy for Smart Tec Group and its subsidiaries, specializing in Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) projects. With expertise in specialist software like Revit, Trimble, and AutoCAD, Evolve ensures meticulous blueprints and drawings tailored to project needs. Their team, familiar with M&E systems, guarantees designs executed to the highest standard, ensuring efficiency and precision in project execution.

Smart Tec Group Limited

An M&E Enterprise with Seamless Smart Solutions

Discover an expansive array of technical engineering services offered by Smart Tec Group, a globally accredited enterprise trusted by commercial household names. Explore further by visiting our subsidiaries:

Smart Tec Networks Limited: your go-to destination for structured cabling installations. Whether you’re seeking robust data networks for commercial or residential spaces, Smart Tec Networks has the expertise to deliver tailored solutions that meet your connectivity needs.

Smart Tec Environmental Limited: for all your commissioning requirements in commercial, industrial, educational, and healthcare sectors, Smart Tec Environmental is your reliable partner. With a focus on sustainability, quality, and efficiency, we ensure that your systems are commissioned to the highest standards, optimizing performance and sustainability.

Smart Tec Fire and Security Limited, a subsidiary of Smart Tec Group, specializes in installing, refurbishing, and commissioning fire safety, CCTV, and access control security systems. We are your trusted partner for all security needs in commercial, industrial, educational, and healthcare sectors. With a commitment to safety, quality, and efficiency, we ensure your systems meet the highest standards while optimizing performance and sustainability.

Trust that your technical engineering needs are in expert hands with Smart Tec Group and its subsidiaries, backed by a legacy of excellence and global accreditation.

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Our diverse portfolio covers a wide range of projects, including cutting-edge developments that integrate new and improved technology, as well as refurbishments with sustainable products. We have a deep understanding of the design and construction process and the ability to bring relevant technical experience to every project, enabling us to consistently deliver cost-effective solutions that meet client requirements on time and within budget. With a talented and committed workforce, we guarantee that each contract is efficiently carried out to the highest standard.


Tailored to the client's criteria, retail spaces are vibrant destinations where individuals seek immersive experiences. Exceptional lighting, efficient ventilation, and precise temperature control are crucial elements, ensuring an inviting atmosphere that meets the specific needs and preferences of customers.


Commercial spaces mirror the dynamic atmosphere of retail environments. Here, individuals engage in professional interactions and transactions, akin to the vibrant experiences found in retail settings. Similar to retail spaces, optimal lighting, efficient ventilation, and precise temperature control are essential to foster productivity and create inviting atmospheres conducive to business operations and client interactions.


In industrial environments, characterised by the presence of intricate technical facilities, stringent adherence to workspace regulations is paramount. These facilities, ranging from complex machinery to advanced systems, must be meticulously installed and maintained to ensure compliance and the safety of operatives working within the space.


In educational settings, meticulous attention to detail ensures that technical facilities meet both workspace regulations and the unique needs of students and educators. From advanced classroom technologies to specialised laboratory equipment, installations are tailored to enhance learning experiences and prioritise safety. As public spaces, these settings require self-sufficiency and low maintenance, allowing educators to focus on teaching while ensuring smooth operations and student well-being.

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